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The story of the competition and cooperation between a family of yellow mongoose and their neighbors, the ground squirrels, as they share food and shelter, and protect each other from the constant threat of predators in one of the greatest deserts on earth - the Kalahari.Director: Ugo Adilardi - Marco Visalberghi
Photography: Ugo Adilardi
Production: Paneikon - RAITRE - The National Geographic Society TV - New Zeland
© 1994
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Entrevista a la Mamá de Carlos Caszely

Entrevista a la Mamá de Carlos Caszely 1988 - Franja del NO

Gentle Jaws of Serengeti

GENTLE JAWS OF SERENGETI Marion East and Heribert Hofer have been studying the Mamba clan -a group of spotted hyenas- and their female dominated society for many years, with surprising results. Hyenas are skilful and resourceful hunters and contrary to common belief, its often lions that scavenge on hyena kills. Hyenas are the most dedicated mothers of all carnivores. When the wildebeest move away in their annual migration, lions are left without food, but the females of the Mamba clan commute more than fifty kilometres to reach the grazing areas and hunt down their favourite prey. During their day-time hunting activities they show surprising versatility an flexibility, but stamina and determination are the real winning cards. With full bellies and swollen udders the females return to the den after several days to feed their cubs. As the film will also show, in a female dominated society, males have a had to evolve a very unusual behaviour. Though a high ranking male, Kumi is subordinate to all females in the clan and has to be very cautious when approaching a female. He is often rejected and snared at and vents his frustration off on Mbili, a lower ranking male. Mating is particularly difficult and males have to be very submissive to gain access to females. Directors: Ugo Adilardi and Marco Visalberghi
Photography: Ugo Adilardi
Production: Paneikon - RAITRE - The National Geographic Society - BBC - Television New Zealand
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The Return of the Wolf

THE RETURN OF THE WOLF The Italian wolf has been mistaken as a ruthless predator and killer of livestock. The problem lies in the stray dogs who out-number the wolf 3200 to 1 creating direct competition for food and space and the loss of genetic identity of the wolf through hybridisation. Directors: Jost Geppert
Photography:Maurizio Felli
Production: Paneikon - RAITRE
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Beach Masters - the Elephant Seals of Patagonia

Depto, Bufo and Malo are three male elephant seals, creatures which are able to reach 6 metres in length and 4 tonnes in weight. This story follows their relationships with the remarkably smaller females on the wild, wind swept shores of Patagonia in Argentina. Director: U. Adilardi To buy this video:

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Ground squirrels have devised a highly effective alarm system to defend themselves from such predators as the hawk, coyote and bob cat. However this is no match for their worst enemy, the rattlesnake, which winds it way through an intricate system of tunnels to the squirrels nests.
Director: Marco Visalberghi
Photography: Maurizio Felli
Production: Paneikon - RAITRE - National Geographic - WDR Köln
© 1990
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Prisoners in Paradise

Documentary about the animals that live on islands, cut off from any other place in the surroundings.To buy this video write to:

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This film studies the fascinating social behaviour of the highly endangered lesser kestrel in the unique and spectacular scenery of the Sassi of Matera in Italy, one of the oldest human settlements known to mankind.Director: Andrea GuarnieriPhotography: Andrea Guarnieri - Maurizio Felli - Giancarlo PancaldiProduction: Paneikon - RAITRE - Channel 4
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Ayotzinapa: La otra historia

Las escuelas normales rurales fueron creadas después de la Revolución Mexicana, actualmente este modelo educativo esta en peligro de desaparecer. La persecución, el miedo y la desaparición forzada, son de las grandes amenazas para los normalistas.

Living with the Bears of the Great Lakes Region

LIVING WITH THE BEARS OF THE GREAT LAKES REGION The story of one man, Lynn Rogers, and his adoption to bears. His twenty year study of the American Black Bear overturns the old conception of a ferocious animal always ready to attack man, to a reserved, versatile and fascinating creature. Directors: Ugo Adilardi and Marco Visalberghi
Photography: Ugo Adilardi
Production: Paneikon - RAITRE - Nature Thirteen-WNET - WDR Köln
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