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War babies

A group of soldiers in a café watch a dancer as she entertains them, but later two of them become rivals over her

We're in the Legion now!

We're in the Legion Now is a 1936 American adventure comedy film directed by Crane Wilbur and shot in Magnacolor. The film is also known as The Rest Cure (American reissue title), which was the title of the 1934 original J.D. Newsom story the film was based on

Whispering whoopee

Charley Chase butters up prospective business partners with the help of an escort service

Wolf blood

Dick Bannister is the new field boss of the Ford Logging Company, a Canadian logging-crew during a time when conflicts with the powerful Consolidated Lumber Company, a bitter rival company, have turned bloody, like a private war. His boss, Miss Edith Ford, comes to inspect the lumberjack camp, bringing her doctor fiancé with her. Dick is attacked by his rivals and left for dead. His loss of blood is so great that he needs a transfusion, but no human will volunteer, so the surgeon uses a wolf as a source of the blood. Afterwards, Dick begins having dreams where he runs with a pack of phantom wolves, and the rival loggers get killed by wolves. Soon, these facts have spread through the camp and most of the lumberjacks decide that Dick is a werewolf

Yongary - Monster from the deep

In the Middle East, a bomb is set off that creates massive earthquakes. Meanwhile in South Korea, a young couple is about to get married and the tension builds when South Korea sends a space shuttle to investigate the bomb site. The earthquake makes its way to South Korea, caused by a giant monster named Yongary (inspired by a mythical creature in Korean lore). Yongary attacks Seoul and makes his way to the oil refineries where he consumes the oil. A child related to the aforementioned couple turns off the refineries' oil basins; Yonggary, enraged, starts attacking until an explosion at the refinery proves to have a chemical effect on it. The Korean Government then uses oil to draw Yonggary to a local river, and kills it with a refined version of the compound

The crazy ray

The crazy ray (Paris qui dort) a 1927 silent comedy by Rene Clair is the story of a mad scientist who devises a ray which puts all people to sleep. It has a few humorous moments but is if interest mainly to film historians and students

The live wire

A sailor finds an ancient vase on an uncharted island. He is later hired by archaeologists to lead them back to the island. They discover the temples of a lost civilization

My wifes relations

When a large Irish woman falsely accuses Buster of breaking a window he is hauled before a Polish judge who speaks no English and assumes they are there to be married.
She takes her new husband home to meet her four gorilla-like brothers

Mush and milk

Episode from The Little Rascals/ Our Gang with the title: " Mush and Milk"
When Capâs back pension finally comes, he treats the kids of Bleak Hill Boarding School to a day at the local amusement park. I transferred my own copy from film to digital thus removing any rights from a middle man

Mr. Wise Guy

The number eight in the east sIde kids series. The kids are sent to reform school after being falsely accused of stealing a truck