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Three husbands

After suffering a fatal heart attack, confirmed bachelor Emlyn Williams (as Maxwell "Max" Bard) gives heavenly greeters his last wish - he would like to observe events on Earth for the next twenty-four hours.
And, with good reason. Mr. Williams has left not only a will, but also letters to "Three Husbands" admitting affairs with each of their three wives.
The three men are poker playing pals Shepperd Strudwick (as Arthur Evans), Robert Karnes (as Kenneth Whittaker), and Howard Da Silva (as Dan McCabe). Their respective wives are Ruth Warrick (as Jane), Vanessa Brown (as Mary), and Eve Arden (as Lucille)

This is not a test

Late one night on a rural road in the western US, a policeman sets up a roadblock and begins stopping all traffic.
When several cars and a big truck have stopped, he and the others learn the reason for this roadblock...

Their purple moment

Stan and Ollie hold out money from their paychecks from their shrewish wives so they can enjoy a night out on the town... with predictable results

The three stooges in three little beers

The stooges are hired to deliver beer, but when they go to deliver beer to a golf course, they get distracted and play a round of golf

Three ages

The misadventures of Buster in three separate historical periods

The Sultan's wife

On a sailing trip, sweethearts Bobby and Gloria arrive in a very sinister-looking India, where an evil rajah attempts to force Gloria into his harem

The sin of Harold Diddlebock

This final film by silent screen star Harold Lloyd comes nine years after his previous feature.
In this film, that reprises a character portrayed by Lloyd in a 1925 film, it is shown what happened to our hero, Harold Diddlebock (Lloyd), twenty years after his big triumph on the college football field.
Struggling in the same job he received twenty years previous, Diddlebock is fired so he wanders the streets and eventually goes into a bar.
After drinking his first drink in his life, and a specially prepared drink in his honor, Diddlebock goes on a crazy rampage through town, buying things including a new wardrobe, a horse-drawn cab with cabby and also a circus

The rounders

Two drunks live in the same hotel. One beats his wife, the other is beaten by his. They go off and get drunk together. They try to sleep in a restaurant using tables as beds and are thrown out. They lie down in a row boat which fills with water, drowning them (a fate apparently better than going home to their wives)

The road to Hollywood

Exploitation film-maker Bud Pollard appears on screen to tell us of Bing Crosby's rise to fame, using scenes from four early Crosby shorts to illustrate his fictional biography

The legend of action man

Made on an ultra-low budget of $200, Dingoman Productions proudly presents their first feature film, The Legend of Action Man, a comedy about a mediocre, self-proclaimed superhero Action Man (James McEnelly) who is warned that if he causes any more trouble around town he'll be put under house arrest. In comes Mark (Trey Dixon), a fresh-faced news intern looking for a big story to get his work on TV, and Action Man seems like an interesting subject. That is, until a murder is reported and the new duo suspects John Magnum (Chris Newhouse), a suspicious millionaire who just moved in down the block. Can Action Man save the city of Sugar Land from his first real villain, or is he in over his head?

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