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Tag: 11 settembre 2011

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Miracolo a Ground Zero

Dopo l'11 settembre, nella zona attorno a Ground Zero si è venuta a verificare una situazione eccezionale, grazie alle migliaia di volontari venuti da tutta America per aiutare le squadre di soccorso.

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Painful Deceptions

Eric Hufschmid - An analysis of the September 11 th attackFACTS ABOUT: WTC BUILDING 7 THE PENTAGON ATTACK THE WORLD TRADE CENTER TOWERS A video supplement to the book Painful Questions by Eric Hufschmid
As the shock of 9/11 begins to wear off, we realiza the events of that day do not add up. How did... Osama pull off such a devastating attack? Steel buildings collapse and crumble into dust? An unseen jetliner hit the Pentagon? Inept pilots fly huge planes without guidance? Examine the answers to these and other questions in this powerfully analyzed, scientifically accurate presentation. Eric Huschmid leaves no stones unturned. Think about his facts and draw your own conclusions.