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Inspired by the good old Chuck Jones cartoons, this -very- short movie shows the problems a little guanaco (llama cousin) has when trying to cross the roads of Southern Patagonia, in South America.

Pablo Vazquez -
Beorn Leonard -
Francesco Siddi -
Music & Sound:
Jan Morgenstern -

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The Nazis Strike

1943 - Documentary / Short / War
The official World War II US government account of Nazi international aggression leading up to the British and French declarations of war
Directed by:Frank Capra, Anatole Litvak
Writing credits:Julius J. Epstein, Philip G. Epstein
Complete credited cast:
Eduard BenesNeville ChamberlainClementine ChurchillWinston ChurchillGaleazzo CianoÉdouard DaladierLéon DegrelleAnthony EdenJosef GoebbelsHermann GöringKonrad HenleinRudolf HessHeinrich HimmlerAdolf HitlerWalter HustonWilhelm KeitelKing George VIFritz KuhnMaxim LitvinovViktor LutzeVyacheslav MolotovOswald MosleyBenito MussoliniErich RaederArthur Seyss-InquartJoseph StalinAnthony VeillerPaul von HindenburgJoachim von Ribbentrop
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Stan Laurel Festival

Mud and Sand - Just Rambling Along - Oranges and Lemons
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Pardon My Pups

1934 - Short / Comedy
Mary Lou is excited because today is her older brother Sonny's birthday. Sonny wants a motorcycle, but his father has decided to buy him a dog instead, mainly because he himself wants to have a dog that he can take hunting. After a dispute with his father, Sonny leaves home. As he walks along a railroad track, he finds a frightened lost dog, and soon he begins to feel differently about dogs.
Directed by:Charles Lamont
Complete Credited cast:
Frank L. WilsonFrank Coghlan Jr.Shirley TempleKenneth HowellDorothy WardHarry MyersVirginia True Boardman
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Lot in Sodom

1933 - Short
Directed by: James Sibley Watson, Melville Webber
Complete credited cast:
Friedrich HaakHildegarde WatsonDorthea HouseLewis Whitbeck
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Keystone Cops Festival

List of them:
The Bangville Police Love Speed and Thrills Her Painted Hero Wife and Auto Trouble
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