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Juan Somavia (ILO) - Social movements, the future of labour and our society

We are living in an era of great disquiet - protests emerge and need to become movements in order to create global consciousness, which then change policies and social models. In the last decades the womens' movement has had extraordinary influence; but in the world of work wages are still lower, participation in management and even in union leadership is very low. We need an accelerator here, with more participation and presence of women: the collective capacity of women to contribute to society is essential. Other movements have been around, from the human rights and environmental ones, to the social justice, which has been emerging as we move into a new era. The practical implications of having societies which are more fair and respectful of work, the environment, the right of people of organize themselves, live together in communities.Why doesn't this happen? Because we're living under an economic vision managed by financial interest. The change will only come bottom-up and with the capacity of transforming the desire to change into global consciousness, and new political leadership… who dares to lead, who dares to change. Persistence is the way. It depends on us.

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Juan Somavia (ILO) on Trade Unions

Interview with the Director-General of the ILO (International Labour Organisation - UN) for Terra Futura (Firenze 25-27 May, 2012)The roots of the trade union movement need to be re-discovered and integrated with the demands emerging from society. Where are the jobs going to come from in the world of today? Mainly from small enterprises, who create real jobs and economy. There is a space for an important renewed role of trade-unionism, listening to what social movements and workers have to say.

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Sergio Staino

L'edizione 2012 di Terra Futura (25-27 maggio, Fortezza da Basso) è incentrata sul tema del lavoro: "Lavoriamo per il futuro" è il titolo del position paper elaborato dai partner di TerraFutura per la IX edizione, un'esortazione a partecipare al dialogo sul tema del lavoro rivolta alla società civile e alle istituzioni. Il sistema è in crisi, come agire per far ripartire lo sviluppo? Come riformare il lavoro se non si attua un ripensamento di modelli sociali, economici e produttivi? In questa breve intervista, Sergio Staino risponde che bisogna andare oltre la difesa dei diritti dei lavoratori e ripensare il modo di produrre e la sostenibilità del modello economico. A partire dai giovani...

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Manifestazione inziale del Social Forum - W.S.F. Nairobi 2007

Reportage sull'inizio del 7° Social Forum mondiale Nairobi 2007, con immagini del forum e interviste ad alcuni partecipanti
Riprese realizzate presso il 7° Forum Sociale Mondiale svoltosia a Nairobi dal 20 al 25 gennaio 2007 a Nairobi (Kenya).
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Interview with Carola Reintjes (WFTO)

Carola Reintjes is the European representative of the World Fair Trade Organisation. Participating in S.Maria RS, Brasil at the 1st World Forum for Solidarity Economy (Jan.22-24, 2010), she affirms that Fair trade is a live movement that not only is part of the solidarity economy, but is growing within it, or otherwise it would be a paternalistic exchange between two actors, one who sells and one who buys. The WFTO is working on a certification system for enterprises who respect the values of fair trade.