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The pawnshop

Charlie Chaplin's 56th Film

The Pawnshop was Charlie Chaplin's sixth film for Mutual Film Company. Chaplin played the role of assistant to the pawnshop owner. Henry Bergman played the owner and Edna Purviance the owner's daughter. Albert Austin played an alarm clock owner who watches Charlie in dismay as he checks out the clock. This was one of Chaplin's more popular Mutual Films, mainly for the slapstick comedy he was famous for at the time

The pharmacist

A henpecked but stoic pharmacist (W.C. Fields) tries to maintains his precarious balance while dealing with demanding customers and his dysfunctional family

¿Cómo funciona la 'máquina' más compleja del mundo, el cerebro?

En entrevista de RT, todo esto nos revela Rafael Yuste, neurocientífico español, ideólogo del proyecto BRAIN. ¿Cómo funciona la 'máquina' más compleja del mundo, el cerebro? ¿Por qué aún no sabemos cómo se forman los pensamientos? ¿La mente humana refleja el mundo o lo genera? ¿Ya se puede cambiar el comportamiento humano manipulando el cerebro?

Amnesty International - Rapporto 2017-2018

Presso l'Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana è stato presentato da Amnesty International Italia il rapporto 2017-2018 sullo stato dei diritti umani nel mondo e in Italia

Little rascals the first seven years

Spanky, Buckwheat, Porky and all The little rascals at their hilarious best!

Half shot at sunrse

Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey are privates in WWI France who chase girls, trade bad jokes and win battles

Hard luck

Strange things ensue after a young man attempts to take his own life

Heading for heaven

Stuart Erwin plays a small-town real estate agent who owns much property which, for several generations, has failed to sell even while the town has grown. It becomes known, except to Erwin, that the property is being considered for the new airport and the owner will make a small fortune. He is swarmed upon by an unscrupulous swami (Russ Vincent)and his equally-crooked business partner, and Erwin is soon convinced that he hasn't long to live. With his life a mess, he leaves home and family

Her favorite patient

A beautiful female doctor (Ruth Hussey) visits her small hometown on her way back to Chicago.
Her overworked uncle (Charles Ruggles), who is the town's doctor, wants her to stay and help him, and he and a macho test pilot (John Carroll) who's fallen for her come up with a plan that involves the pilot faking an illness and being treated by her, with her uncle's "help"

Here comes trouble

A newspaper publisher (Emory Parnell) is being blackmailed by a burlesque queen (Joan Woodbury), and he sends one of his reporters (William Tracy) to talk to her