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Juan Somavia (ILO) on Trade Unions

Interview with the Director-General of the ILO (International Labour Organisation - UN) for Terra Futura (Firenze 25-27 May, 2012)The roots of the trade union movement need to be re-discovered and integrated with the demands emerging from society. Where are the jobs going to come from in the world of today? Mainly from small enterprises, who create real jobs and economy. There is a space for an important renewed role of trade-unionism, listening to what social movements and workers have to say.

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The war of the Women - for Noppaw

NADiRinforma and Medico N.A.Di.R. propose the documentary "The War of the Women" in the Campaign Noppaw (Nobel Peace Prize for African Women) supported by Solidarity and Cooperation (CIPSI )) and ChiAma l'Africa with the aim to assign Nobel Peace Prize for 2011 to African Women as a whole."In Africa I saw the strength of the Women" "I have realized that a man doesn't possess so much those abilities than the Women to face, to listen, to support and to understand, to be sacrificed for her own Community" "In Africa I listened to their stories: there was stories of rapes ... continua

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1 billion people live in chronic hunger and I'am mad as hell

Jeremy Irons is Mad as Hell that 1 billion people in the world are chronically hungry.And he wants you to get mad, too.Sign the petition to end hunger now: www.1billionhungry.org

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