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1944 - Musical
Judy and Johnny are orphaned siblings being raised by Tony Rocadero, a Hollywood restaurateur who knows no limit in supporting his adopted children, even sending them both off to college. When Tony dies suddenly, one of them has to return home to keep the establishment open. The film opens with a present-day (present-day 1944) sequence of cameo appearances by 1940s Hollywood celebrities, then becomes a series of flashbacks explaining the history of the Hollywood Trocadero, usually in the form of musical numbers by the various types of big band, singing-dancing and stand-up acts which had kept the club going. Along the way, both Judy and Johnny find love and learn the difference between pretentious upper-class fronting and real-people sincerity. There's nothing that stands out about the film, but in 1944 watching it in a heated theater certainly beat sitting at home in the dark.
Directed by: William Nigh
Writing credits: Charles F. Chaplin, Allan Gale
Rosemary LaneJohnny DownsRalph MorganDick PurcellSheldon LeonardMarjorie MannersCliff NazarroErskine JohnsonDave FleischerEmmett VoganCharles CalvertDewey RobinsonRuth HilliardEddie BartellBob Chester
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Swing Hostess

1944 - Musical
Rags-to-riches-to-rags story features Benny Goodman vocalist Martha Tilton as an unemployed big band singer who takes a job as an operator at a jukebox company. After falling in love with a bandleader, she gets a chance to get back in the limelight by singing for his group.
Directed by:Sam Newfield
Writing credits:Gail Davenport
Complete credited cast:
Martha Tilton Iris AdrianCharles CollinsCliff NazarroHarry HolmanEmmett LynnBetty BrodelClaire RochellePaul PorcasiTerry FrostPhilip Van ZandtEarle BruceBob GoodingWalter PietilaGene Windson
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Sitting on the Moon

1936 - Musical
During an all-girl secret society initiation, one of the new members is killed playing Russian Roulette...
Directed by:Ralph Staub
Writing credits:Raymond L. Schrock, Sidney Sutherland
Complete credited cast:
Roger Pryor Grace BradleyWilliam NewellHenry KolkerPert KeltonHenry WadsworthJoyce ComptonPierre WatkinWilliam JanneyJune MartelJimmy RayHarvey ClarkGeorge Cooper
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Rock'n Roll Revue

1955 - Musical
Directed by:Joseph Kohn
Complete credited cast:
Delta Rhythm BoysRuth BrownWillie BryantNat 'King' ColeCharles 'Honi' ColesLarry DarnellMartha DavisDuke EllingtonLionel HamptonLittle BuckMantan MorelandLeonard ReedNipsey RussellBig Joe TurnerDinah Washington
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King Kelly of the USA

1934 - Comedy / Musical / Romance
Exremely funny, well written and well directed, this 1934 Monogram farce is a genuine find...if you find it. This film belongs up there with the celebrated Paramount comedies DUCK SOUP and MILLION DOLLAR LEGS satirizing crazy European Kingdoms which features so prominently in pre fascist operettas. By 1934 Monogram were a well established B grade company which had a few breakout big income hit films: THE 13TH GUEST and GIRL OF THE LIMBERLOST to name two. This film clearly was possibly their biggest budget film with excellent production values and lavish sets...especially when the cast get to Belgardia.
Directed by:Leonard Fields
Writing credits:George C. Bertholon, Leonard Fields
Complete credited cast:
Guy RobertsonEdgar KennedyIrene WareFerdinand GottschalkFranklin PangbornJoyce ComptonWilhelm von BrinckenOtis HarlanLorin RakerWilliam OrlamondBodil RosingPhyllis Ludwig
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Delightfully Dangerous

1945 - Musical
Young Sherry Williams dreams of having a singing career, and she idolizes her older sister Josephine, who has gone to New York to perform on the stage. When Sherry is distraught just before performing at her school, a visiting Broadway producer encourages her by telling her positive things about her sister. Soon afterwards, Sherry decides to make a surprise trip to New York to visit Josephine - but what she finds there is not at all what she expected.
Directed by:Arthur Lubin
Writing credits:Walter DeLeon, Arthur Phillips
Complete credited cast:
Jane Powell Ralph BellamyConstance MooreMorton GouldArthur TreacherLouise BeaversRuth TobeyRuth RobinsonAndré CharlotShirley Hunter WilliamsSunny BurketteBess FlowersEarle HodginsMorton Gould's Orchestra
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The Duke is Tops

1938 - Musical
A theatrical producer puts aside his own success to boost the career of a talented singer.
Directed by:William L. Nolte
Writing credits:Phil Dunham
Complete Credited cast:
Ralph Cooper Lena HorneLaurence CrinerMonte HawleyWillie CovanNeva PeoplesVernon McCallaEdward ThompsonJohnny TaylorRay MartinGuernsey MorrowCharles HawkinsBasin Street BoysRubberneck Holmes
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The Dancing Pirate

1942 - Sci-Fi / Horror
The story of a Boston dance teacher who gets shanghaied by buccaneers who might make his next steps be off the plank!
Directed by:Lloyd Corrigan
Writing credits:Emma-Lindsay Squier, Jack Wagner
Complete Credited cast:
Charles CollinsFrank MorganSteffi DunaLuis AlberniVictor VarconiJack La RueAlma RealWilliam V. MongMitchell LewisJulian RiveroJohn EbertsEduardo CansinoThe Royal Cansino DancersRita Hayworth
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Rhythm in the Clouds

1934 - Western
Two Hearts are dancing "Don't ever change" Hawaiian Hospitality.
Directed by:John H. Auer
Writing credits:Ray Bond, Olive Cooper
Complete Credited cast:
Patricia Ellis Warren HullWilliam NewellRichard CarleZeffie TilburyCharles JudelsRobert PaigeJoyce ComptonSuzanne KaarenEsther HowardEddie ParkerJames C. MortonRolfe SedanRichard BeachRanny Weeks
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1943 - Documentary / War
Woman's love...Man's hate...Blazing romance in a city aflame with carnival pleasures!
Direct by:Luther Reed
Writing credits:Anne Caldwell, Luther Reed
Complete credited cast:
Bebe Daniels Everett MarshallBert WheelerRobert WoolseyJoseph CawthornJobyna HowlandDorothy LeeRalf HaroldeBill Robinson
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