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The battle against climate change by Paul Kingsnorth

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  • Lingua: INGLESE | Sottotitoli: SPAGNOLO INGLESE FRANCESE | Licenza: Non commerciale - Non opere derivate - Licenza 3.0
  • Fonte: vpro documentary | Durata: 49.53 min | Pubblicato il: 2019-10-22
  • Categoria: DOCUMENTARI
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  • Scarica i sottotitoli : SPAGNOLO INGLESE FRANCESE
  • 1.9/5 (32 voti)
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Humanity has lost the battle against climate change. That is what Paul Kingsnorth thinks. The former environmental activist believes that we can´t stop climate change anymore. How should we live on knowing that climate change is a fact that can´t be denied anymore? A documentary that gives thinker and writer Paul Kingsnorth the time to explain how humanity still can be hopeful although the battle against climate change in his eyes has been lost.

Former environmental activist and writer Paul Kingsnorth has withdrawn to Ireland on a unspoilt part of the earth. You could say that he lives now at the end of the world. A portrait of an end-time thinker who nevertheless does not give up hope and continues to believe in the power of nature.

Thinker and writer Paul Kingsnorth stood early on the barricades as a conservationist. He resisted the insatiable hunger of the globalized world for more land, resources and things in England and on the other side of the world in Papa New Guinea. Kingsnorth was one of the leaders of the environmental movement and reached a large international audience with its passionate speeches. But at some point, he came to terms that he had to revisit his belief that humanity could save the world.

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