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Categoria: Guerrilla Marketing (16)

Categoria: Guerrilla Marketing

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Fitness First Case

Fitness First fitness chain takes on guerrilla marketing to target new customers.

Coca-Cola happiness truck guerrilla marketing

Check out this amazing guerrilla marketing / ambient advertising stunt by Coca-Cola. A Coca-Cola delivery truck is converted into a happiness machine on wheels delivering "doses" of happiness in the streets of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Where will happiness strike next?

Live interactive mega billboard against agression

Interactive billboard example that is certainly a bit of creative advertising!

Terminix Live Cockroach Billboard in Dallas

Guerrilla Marketing Example: Terminix informs people on the street of the different kind of cockroaches and the problems they can bring to your home. Filmed March 14, 2010 at Mockingbird Station in Dallas, TX.

Honest Tea: the most honest city In America

Honest Tea set up small drink dispensers in the some of the largest cities in America: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston and New York. The social experiment was about measuring the honesty of people to see if they would pay for the drink they picked up.

The campaign got a lot of media to take notice and received buzz around the the brand. The whole campaign received over 280 million total impressions, 160 press stories, $2.79 million in earned media and experienced double diget growth in each target market with San Francisco being the ... continua

Volvo sSoft speed bump

Heineken - UEFA Champions League - Real Madrid vs Milan

When a bunch of guys were convinced by their better halfs to go to a classical concert instead of watching the AC Milan - Real Madrid champions league soccer match in October last year, they got quite a surprise 15 minutes into the concert. A guerrilla marketing stunt by Heineken changed the whole deal.

Fast Lane

Volkwagen runs a fun campaign that brings out the child in everyone. Instead of using the escalator, VW creates a "fast lane" slide that gets you to the bottom of the stairs quickly.

Romtelcom shop opening movers

This is a great guerrilla marketing example and how a little unconventional marketing can go a long way. If you are looking for more great guerrilla marketing examples, be sure to check out our guerilla marketing youtube channel and website!

Resident evil arms in street

In early September, in the main streets of Madrid were placed hundreds of zombies with arms look as realistic. These arms, made of silicone, were deployed strategically to sewer, exterior doors in elevators and buses, so that, going against them, to give the impression that a horde of undead trying to escape from confinement.