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White Comanche

1968 - Western
Directed by: Gilbert Kay
Writing credits: Frank Gruber, Robert Holt
Shat plays half-breed, twin brothers. Johnny Moon the misunderstood cowpoke in the polycotton blend slacks, and Notah Moon, the bloody savage killer Comanche brother who wears his hair just like Johnny's and yes, Mom still lays Notah's polycotton blend slacks on the bed for him each night too. Notah eats peyote, sees visions (all off-camera) and believes he is a Comanche messiah, sent down to the reservation to get a lot of Italians dressed as Indians all hot and bothered ! There's a showdown in the street.
Complete credited cast:
Joseph Cotten William Shatner Rosanna Yanni Perla Cristal Mariano Vidal Molina Luis Prendes Bernabe Barta Barri Vicente Roca Luis Rivera Javier Maiza Víctor Israel Fernando Lewis Héctor Quiroga Gene Reyes Gian Castelli
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West of the Divide

1934 - Western
Ted Hayden impersonates a wanted man and joins Gentry's gang only to learn later that Gentry was the one who killed his father.
Directed by:Robert N. Bradbury
Writing credits:Robert N. Bradbury
John WayneBarbara SheldonVirginia Brown FaireGeorge 'Gabby' HayesLloyd WhitlockYakima CanuttLafe McKeeBilly O'BrienDick DickinsonEarl Dwire
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1945 - Western
When ranch foreman Roy learns the new ranch owner Dorothy Bryant and her friends are arriving, he directs them to Gabby's rundown ranch...
Directed by:John English
Writing credits:Betty Burbridge, John K. Butler
Complete credited cast:
Roy RogersTriggerGeorge 'Gabby' HayesDale EvansPeggy StewartBeverly LloydJill BrowningVivien OaklandGrant WithersWally WalesJack RutherfordEmmett VoganBob Nolan
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Stagecoach to Denver

1946 - Western
SOUND FIXED - Lambert has the stagecoach wrecked killing the Commissioner so his phoney replacement can alter Coonskin's land survey. When Red Ryder exposes the survey hoax, Lambert has his stooge Sheriff put Red in jail.
Directed by:James Polakof
Writing credits:James Keach, James Polakof
Complete credited cast:
Allan Lane Robert BlakeMartha WentworthRoy BarcroftPeggy StewartEmmett LynnTed AdamsEdmund CobbTom ChattertonBobby HyattGeorge ChesebroEd CassidyWheaton ChambersForrest Taylor
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Savage Journey

1983 - Drama / Western
They forged a new land in the untamed wilderness - with their heart, their hands, and their faith in god.
Directed by:Tom McGowan
Writing credits:Philip Yordan
Complete credited cast:
Maurice Grandmaison Paul WartonJohn MasonStephen CracroftLou EdwardsMichael Danvers-WalkerGlade HillRichard MollRobin RussellTerrence GehrFaith CliftBeverly RowlandKate HillRue DastrupPreston Lloyd
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Savage Guns

1971 - Western
A cruel and ruthless bandit kills a tavern owner who had ratted him out to the authorities. Sam Wallbush witnesses the murder..
Directed by:Demofilo Fidani
Writing credits:Demofilo Fidani, Mila Vitelli Valenza
Complete credited cast:
Robert WoodsDino StranoBenito PacificoAmerigo LeoniSimonetta Vitelli
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My Pal Trigger

1934 - Comedy / Musical / Romance
Gabby refuses to breed his horse the Golden Sovereign with Roy's. When the Sovereign and Roy's horse escape, Skoville shoots the Sovereign by mistake but Roy is blamed and jailed. A year later Roy returns with Trigger, the son of the Sovereign. When Skoville slips and reveals he was present when the horse was shot, Roy sees a chance to clear his name.
Directed by:Frank McDonald
Writing credits:Paul Gangelin, Jack Townley
Complete credited cast:
Roy RogersTriggerGeorge 'Gabby' HayesDale EvansJack HoltLeRoy MasonRoy BarcroftSam FlintKenne DuncanRalph SanfordFrancis McDonaldHarlan BriggsWilliam HaadeBob NolanSons of the Pioneers
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The Star Packer

1934 - ction / Western / Romance
A gang working for The Shadow is terrorizing the town. John Travers decides to take on the job of sheriff and do something about it.
Directed by:Robert N. Bradbury
Writing credits:Robert N. Bradbury
Complete Credited cast:
John Wayne Verna HillieGeorge 'Gabby' HayesYakima CanuttBilly FraneyEddie ParkerEarl DwireThomas G. Lingham Visit the site:

The Man from Utah

1934 - Western
The Marshal sends John Weston to a rodeo to see if he can find out who is killing the rodeo riders who are about to win the prize money..
Directed by:Robert N. Bradbury
Writing credits:Lindsley Parsons
Complete Credited cast:
John WaynePolly Ann YoungAnita CampilloEdward Peil Sr.George 'Gabby' HayesYakima CanuttGeorge Cleveland
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The Man from Music Mountain

1943 - Western
Roy returns home to fine a range feud between the cattlemen and the sheepmen. When his friend is killed he finds the rifle had a defective pin..
Directed by:Joseph Kane
Writing credits:J. Benton Cheney, Bradford Ropes
Complete Credited cast:
Trigger Bob NolanSons of the PioneersRuth TerryPaul KellyAnn GillisGeorge ClevelandPat BradyRenie RianoPaul HarveyHank BellJay NovelloWally Wales
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