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Number, please?

While at an amusement park, trying vainly to forget the girl he has lost, a young man sees the girl with her new boyfriend. When her dog gets loose in the park, both suitors have to help her catch it. Then, the girl's uncle, a balloonist, gives her a pass for two in his balloon, provided that her mother approves. She then offers to take along the first of her admirers who is able to get her mother's consent

Mabels strange predicament

Charlie Chaplins 3rd Film

Just neighbors

Suburban neighbors (Lloyd and Pollard) join together to build a garden shed, but through carelessness, wind up ruining the garden, as well as the laundry, which is drying in the yard. Further mayhem ensues when chickens are set loose

Oh, Mr. Porter!

Will Hay's most highly rated film

One A.M.

One A.M. was a unique Charlie Chaplin silent film created for Mutual Films in 1916. It was the first film he starred in alone, except for a brief scene of Albert Austin playing a cab driver. Chaplin plays the role of a wealthman coming home late, after too much to drink. He only wants to go to bed, but 'everything' around him prevents him

Our gang war feathers

While on a cross-country train trip, the Our Gang kids drive the rest of the passengers crazy with a never-ending game of cowboys and Indians. During a stopover in the sleepy town of Red Dog, the kids disembark in hopes of savoring a taste of genuine Western life. They get more than they bargained for when a trio of bandits rides into town for a showdown with the local sheriff. Meanwhile, black youngster Allen "Farina" Hoskins tries to pass himself off as an Indian, but the members of a local tribe aren't amused

Ladri di biciclette

Ladri di biciclette è un film del 1948 diretto, prodotto e in parte sceneggiato da Vittorio De Sica. Girato con un'ampia partecipazione di attori non professionisti, prende lo spunto dal titolo dell'omonimo romanzo Ladri di biciclette (1946) di Luigi Bartolini, sebbene si tratti di un soggetto originale di Cesare Zavattini. È tuttora considerato un classico del cinema ed è ritenuto uno dei massimi capolavori del neorealismo cinematografico italiano
  • Lingua: ITALIANO | Licenza: Non commerciale - Non opere derivate - Licenza 3.0 | Condividi
  • Visualizzazioni: 221
  • Fonte: CineContas | Durata: 90.67 min | Pubblicato il: 2019-02-15
  • Categoria: LUNGOMETRAGGI
  • Tag: null

Il camorrista

Il camorrista è un film del 1986 diretto da Giuseppe Tornatore.

Liberamente tratto dall'omonimo romanzo di Giuseppe Marrazzo che si staglia sulla figura di Raffaele Cutolo, costituisce l'esordio di Giuseppe Tornatore alla regia cinematografica
  • Lingua: ITALIANO | Licenza: Non commerciale - Non opere derivate - Licenza 3.0 | Condividi
  • Visualizzazioni: 163
  • Fonte: o'sistema assenza | Durata: 164.22 min | Pubblicato il: 2019-02-15
  • Categoria: LUNGOMETRAGGI
  • Tag: null

Flying wild

Flying Wild is a 1941 film and the fifth installment of the East Side Kids series

Ghost parade

When Mr. Martin and everyone else in Mosby Manor hears strange noises during the night, they fear that it might be the ghost of Martin's uncle, who died in the Civil War. But the next day, the local constable investigates, and he finds mice in the attic who are making the odd sounds by crawling across some musical instruments stored there. But their relief does not last long. As they are showing the house to some potential buyers, a new series of strange, inexplicable, and increasingly frightening events begins