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5) - Supports SMEs: Low Heat, for the ecological hoyse of the future.

Imaginative SMEs for the ecological House of the Future
Every year, everywhere across Europe, waste hot water is going down the drain with no attempt to recover that heat that is being lost. So why is nothing on the market to recover this energy and put the energy back into the house?.
Interviews:Darren Woodcock: PERA Innovation - Low Heat Project Manager.
Cristopher Robert Simpson: CRS, Engineering - Heat Pipe Design.
Kevin Allsop: Robert Prettie Plumbing Services.
Dale Courtman: The institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering.
John Hill: PERA Innovation - Managing Director.
Emmet McAuley: Convex Ltd. - Low Heat Device Manufacturer
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4) - Supports SMEs: Truesound, rescue the true sound of the past.

Craftsmen and scientists join together for the true sound from the past.
Baroque music. To some this sound is the Voice of God himself. It's music which contains astonishing virtuoso sounds when played on an imposing historical organ.
These majestic instruments are veritable orchestras in their own right. The wealth of sound comes from the skills of the organ builders from years gone by.
The expertise of craftsmen. But, over time, some essential parts of that expertise have been lost...
Interviews:Henk van Eeken: Organ Builder, Netherlands.
Brigitte Baretzky: Truesound Project Leader - Max Planck Institute
Marco Fratti: Organ Builder, Italy.
Milan Friesel: Physical Electronics and Photonics - University of Göteborg
Adrian Manescu: Biophysican - University of Ancona
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3)- Supports SMEs: Palcom, benefits for high tech.

Palpable benefits for high-tech starts-ups and European universities.
Electronics are everywhere you look. This Indispensable technology tries its best to respond our needs.
However, in some situations a vital bit of equipment doesn't provide all the adequate functions or the right design needed for certain very specific tasks.
Interviews:Morten King: Professor - University of Aarhus.
Erika Frischkbecht Christensen: Medical Director - Aarhus University Hospital
Gustav Poulsen: Physician - Aarhus University Hospital
Ricki Toft Kristiansen: Ambulance Man
Jorgen Rasmussen: Designer - Arhus School of Architecture
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2)- Supports SMEs: Paradox, Innovation for the food industry

Innovation with SMEs for the food industry and consumers.
Wine. Popular since the dawn of time. But this alcoholic drink, produced mainly from fermented grapes, contains some unexpected and somewhat surprising properties.
Interviews:Victor Casana Giner: Secior Scientific Manager - GAT Formulation
Silvia Heinrich Kanyak:Wine Producer
Barbara Gimeno: CEO - GAT Formulation
Stefan Thueringer: Business Development
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1) - Supports SMEs: Introduction Clip

SMEs represent more than 99% of European enterprises and account for two-thirds of the EU's GDO and 75 million jobs. They play a decisive role when it comes to economic growth and competitiveness. They comprise all types of firms ranging from one-person businesses to cooperatives. Whilst some SMEs offer very traditional services of craft products, many other are fast growing high-tech companies.
Interviews:Theodius Lennon, European Commission - Research Directorate-General
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