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01)- Women feed the world: Latin America and the Caribbean

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Arcoiris - TV
By Giovanna Cossia - Directed by Marco De Poli
For centuries, women's noble act of feeding their families has been celebrated by artists. Today, this image testifies a reality more than ever. The role of women as powerful agents for social transformation and development has been increasingly recognized by development agencies. The international community has greatly enhanced its awareness of women's roles and potentials, but a lot remains to be done in terms of translating sensitivity and commitment into responsive action. Agricultural development policies still do not reflect the needs of women adequately and if they are incorporated, they often fail to be translated into practice. This remains a barrier to reaching the goal of food for all in the foreseeable future. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is working towards the advancement of women in rural areas as their contribution to agricultural and rural production is key to achieving food security and sustainable development.
See website: www.urihi.org

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