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Funeral for an Assassin

2.6/5 (16 voti)
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Arcoiris - TV
1987 - Crime / Drama

Vic Morrow stars as Michael Cardiff, a professional assasin who seeks revenge on those responsible for his past prison sentence. By disguising himself as a black South African, he sets his plan while foiling the police. Van Dissel plays the cop, Roos who is dedicated and stops at nothing. Nicely filmed in South Africa complete with period music, clothes, and cars. I reccomend it highly to those who enjoy films set in Africa (The Wild Geese, Dogs of War, Fatal Assasin) Good action scenes and vintage depiction of apartheid Suid Afrika.
Directed by: Ivan Hall
Writing credits:Walter Brough

Complete credited cast:
Vic Morrow Peter Van Dissel Gaby Getz Sam Williams Stuart Parker Gillian Garlick Siegfried Mynhardt Norman Coombes Chris Bezuidenhout Albert RaphaelOrmsby Bruce Anderson Henry Vaughn Gwynne Davies Nimrod Motchabane John Boulter Visit the site:

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