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Remember Jonestown?

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A sect of fanatics led by an even more fanatic "priest" – one Jim Jones from Indiana - chose to suicide rather than face the "forces of evil" represented by our "corrupt capitalistic society."At least, that's what we were told.There were, however, too many points that didn't add up for the story to ring true. 1 - No one really understood the reasons for reverend Jones -- the cult leader who at the time was enjoying a huge success in the U.S. - to suddenly give it all up and move to the jungles of Guyana. 2 – It's very hard to believe that 900 people would patiently wait in line to drink from the poisonous barrel, when cyanide brings a rather painful death with strong convulsions, foam from your mouth and so on. One would assume the after the first few hundreds had put on that kind of spectacle, the remaining ones in line might have wanted to change their mind. 3 - Most corpses were found neatly lined up, with the face towards to the ground, which is hardly the position one would presume to find people who have died of cyanide in. 4 - For 5 days media access was restricted to the location. 5 - Initially the body count was 400, but by the fifth day it had gone up to over 900. The official reason for the miscount was that initially the bodies had been counted from the helicopter, but once on the ground it was found that those bodies covered more bodies underneath. No one has ever wondered how could 400 bodies possibly cover at least 500 of them. 6 - Another question was raised by the very end of reverend Jones, who appeared to have died from a gunshot that was not self-inflicted. 7 - Even though congressman Ryan died in the course of his official duty, the U.S. has never formally requested the guyanese government to find out who was responsible for his death at the Airport near Jonestown. As one can see, the official version was, at best, very hard to sustain.The following video offers an alternative, much more logical answer to all of the above.

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