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Trained to Kill: USA

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Arcoiris - TV
1975 - Action / Drama
Olie Hand returns from Vietnam where he has been trained as a ruthless assassin. At home he is a well-decorated war hero but he also tainted by the well-known secret of his psychological problems instigated by the killing he has seen and perpetrated whilst at war. At home, his town is being terrorised by a group of murdering carnies who's actions threaten to push Olie over the edge of sanity despite his best attempts to forget his training as a ruthless killer. After the second attack on his family, Olie lets fly... This is a relatively good movie of the sort which almost certainly spawned Rambo although the director appears to be at pains to make sure that the "baddies" also have clear characters so that we are forced to think a little harder about this movie. Naturally most of mankind is prejudiced against carnies and their stereotypical criminal tendencies, and this film does appear to play up to those prejudices, but we are also given some motive as to the actions of the criminals. Despite the barbarity of the carnies' actions, we do get a glimpse of motivation - something lacking from the many other movies about returning veterans out there. Olie himself is a strange character - plagued by nightmare visions of his killings in Nam, he strenuously avoids confrontation, but the arrival of some of his comrades begins to increase the frequency of his flashbacks. Olie does appear to be a man of serious control though; it takes the rape of his mother, sister and girlfriend AND beating of his father before he finally snaps and shows why he was "trained to kill"...
Directed by:Daniel Vance
Writing credits:Mike Nolin, Daniel Vance
Complete credited cast:
Steve Sandor Rockne TarkingtonRichard X. SlatteryHeidi VaughnMike LaneRon ThompsonDavid BoothDaniel OaksTom ScottPeg StewartRichard CollierDarlene FeaselRussell MorrellCarol LocatellChris Kelly
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