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Arcoiris - TV
1955 - Western
This modestly budgeted oddity from the mid-fifties is as good example of how to make something out of nothing. Set in the waning days of the Civil War, Yellowneck follows several Confederate Army deserters in their flight through the Florida Everglades. The actors are all good and the predicament these characters are in is dramatized with a fair amount of realism. Poisonous snakes, insects and alligators abound, as these unfortunate men have gone from the hell of the Civil War into the frying pan of the swamp. They squabble amongst one another a good deal, but their biggest enemy is nature itself, which seems to be conspiring against them at every turn. One comes to like some of these men very much, and despise others. The pathetic nature of their plight is always apparent, and we cannot help but feel for them as they slog through the mud, their hopes diminishing with each passing day. A fine. psychologically provocative piece of film-making, in tone and sensibility, a sort of cross between Ambrose Bierce and Albert Camus.
Directed by:R. John Hugh
Writing credits:R. John Hugh, Nat S. Linden
Lin McCarthyStephen CourtleighBerry KroegerHarold GordonBill Mason
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