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War Babies

1932 - Shorts
Directed by:Charles Lamont
Writing credits:Martin Mooney, Sam Robins
Complete credited cast:
Shirley Temple
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Blue Steel

1934 - Genre: Western
Réalisé par: Robert N. Bradbury
Writing credits: Robert N. Bradbury
Ayant vu un homme dérober le contenu d'un coffre fort contenant les salaires des hommes du village, le Sheriff Jake part à sa poursuite.Alors qu'il est sur le point de l'arrêter, celui-ci lui sauve la vie.Encore dans le doute, il décide de s'allier à l'homme.Ils découvrent plus tard que Melgrove, un notable du village, cherche à racheter les ranches alentours et incite les gens à quitter le village en bloquant les ravitaillements.Les villageois étant sur le point de vendre leurs terres à Melgrove, les deux hommes promettent alors de ramener des vivres
John WayneEleanor HuntGeorge 'Gabby' HayesEdward Peil Sr.Yakima CanuttLafe McKeeGeorge ClevelandEarl Dwire
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Calendar Girl

1947 - Musical
Directed by: Allan Dwan
Writing credits: Lee Loeb, Lee Loeb
A songwriter finds out that his beautiful girlfriend is going to be an artist's model.
Complete credited cast:
Jane FrazeeWilliam MarshallGail PatrickKenny BakerVictor McLaglenIrene RichJames EllisonJanet MartinFranklin PangbornGus SchillingCharles ArntLou NovaEmory ParnellWanita CharlesBurton JonesShelah Shutan
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Black Tights

1960 - Drama / Musical
Directed by: Terence Young
Live scenes of Paris and a continuity Narrator link together four dramatic choreographies, all by Roland Petit: Carmen (1949), La croqueuse de diamants (1950), Deuil en 24 heures (1953), and Cyrano de Bergerac (1959).
Complete credited cast:
Zizi JeanmaireCyd CharisseRoland PetitMoira ShearerMaurice ChevalierHenning KronstamGeorge ReichDirk SandersHans Van Manen
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Black Americana 1

Early African American movie musical shorts - -Mr Adams Bomb - Bubbling Over - Open the Door Richard
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Billy the Kid Trapped

1942 - Western
Directed by: Sam Newfield
Writing credits: Joseph O'Donnell
Stanton breaks Billy and his two friends Fuzzy and Jeff out of jail. He wants them free so three of his men can impersonate them for the robberies and murders he has planned.
Complete credited cast:
Buster CrabbeAl St. JohnMalcolm 'Bud' McTaggartAnne JeffreysGlenn StrangeWalter McGrailTed AdamsJack IngramMilton KibbeeEddie PhillipsBudd Buster
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Beyond Tomorrow

1940 - Romance / Fantasy
Directed by: A. Edward Sutherland
Writing credits: Mildred Cram, Adele Comandini
Melton, Chadwick and O'Brien, rich but lonely heads of an engineering firm, invite two young strangers to dinner on Christmas Eve. The two, James and Jean, fall in love and become friends with their three benefactors...until the latter are killed in a plane crash and come back to their old home as ghosts. In the coming months, true love encounters some rough spots; can ghostly O'Brien help the young folks?
Complete credited cast:
Harry CareyC. Aubrey SmithCharles WinningerAlex MeleshMaria OuspenskayaHelen VinsonRod La RocqueRichard CarlsonJean ParkerJ. Anthony HughesRobert HomansVirginia McMullenJames BushWilliam Bakewell
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Bloody Friday

1972 - Drama / Action (more)
Directed by: Richard Jefferies
Writing credits: Richard Jefferies, Nico Mastorakis
When terrorists rob a Bank... all hell is let loose!
Complete credited cast:
Raimund HarmstorfAmadeus AugustGianni MacchiaChristine BöhmErnst H. HilbichGila von WeitershausenDaniela GiordanoWalter BuschhoffRenate RolandHorst NaumannOttone MignoneE.O. FuhrmannUrsula ErberWerner Heyking
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