Jiyan: Story of a guerrilla girl / Syria

The fascinating story of Jiyan, a guerrilla fighter who has dedicated twenty years of her life to the militant Kurdish struggle, reveals women's determination for freedom not only against an oppressive regime, but also against patriarchy. Jiyan Tolhildan is a young Kurdish woman living in the Kurdish region of Syria. After years of oppression from her family, her teachers and society in general, Jiyan decides to go to the mountains to join the Kurdish fight for freedom. When the Arab Spring breaks out, Jiyan and her friends decide to go to the cities of Syria to join the protests. They also aim to educate Syrian women about women's rights in the Rojava region. Now, six years after the Arab Spring, Kurdish forces control a semi-autonomous region in Syria. For the first time in history, women have an autonomous political organization and army in Syria. The women have called the creation of this organization "the women's revolution." From inside the

Women's Army Address: Haluk Unal Syria 2017

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