The Man Who Knew Too Much

Genre: Drama / Thriller

Jill and Bob Lawrence are on a winter holiday with their daughter, Betty. While he is dancing with Jill, the secret agent Louis Bernard is shot to death. With his last words he tells Jill about an assassination planned by some terrorists, about to take place in London. Fearing their plan would be revealed, the spies kidnap Betty and carry her off to London with them. Bob and Jill come back to London too, searching for their daughter.

This is the original, British-made movie from 1934 and is now in the public domain. After coming to the United States, Alfred Hitchcock produced a remake of this movie in 1956 starring James (Jimmy) Stewart and Doris Day. The remake remains under copyright.

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Producer: Ivor Montagu
Production Company: Gaumont British Picture Corporation, Ltd.Writing credits: Edwin Greenwood (scenario) A.R. Rawlinson (scenario)
Cast: Leslie Banks Edna Best Peter Lorre Nova Pilbeam
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