Project Kill

1976 - Action
John Trevor escapes from the military base where he commanded Project: Kill, a mind control experiment that used drugs to create bodyguards and assassins for the United States and makes his way to the Philippines. Soon Trevor finds himself in love with Lee Su and feeling the with drawl symptoms from the drugs for the mind control that make him very dangerous not only to himself but everyone around him. His former second in command Project: Kill agent Frank Lassiter has been ordered to find him before the with drawl effects become too violent and before he sells out the program. Asian mobster Alok Lee is also after Trevor in the hopes of getting the secrets of Project: Kill. Time is running out for Trevor as the with drawl becomes worse, Lassiter, the Philippine police, and Lee's men close in on him.
Directed by:William Girdler
Writing credits:Galen Thompson
Complete Credited cast:
Leslie NielsenGary LockwoodNancy KwanVic SilayanVic DiazGalen ThompsonMaurice DownsPamela ParsonsCarlos SalazarFranco ZarrateAmondo ArceRomy BlancoJesus CortezLouis FlorentinoVal GagarinDante JavierMark LeBuseMelanio ManicioNick MirandeTomas OrateHenry SalcedoIbano SantosMariano SuaresAlfonso Villamor
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