Spirits of Bruce Lee

1979 - Martial ArtsA martial arts expert named Chang Chen-Wai(-Michael-Chan Wai-Man) runs a jade-importing business with his brother Chang Fan. When Chang Fan suddenly disappears on a buying trip in Thailand, Chang Chen-Wai gets a little worried and decides to travel down there to find him. When he arrives there, he meets another kung fu expert named Li Pai-Yu after helping him fight off local thugs in a village. They become friends and Li decides to help Chang Chen-Wai find his missing brother. When they both learn that Chang Fan was murdered by henchmen of a gangster named Ming Pan-Tin, Chang Chen-Wai determines to revenge his death. They both go to fight off the henchmen one by one and find the head leader Ming Pan-Tin.Directed by: Shang Lang Writing credits: Shang Lang Cast: Wai-Man Chan Visit the site: www.publicdomaintorrents.com

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